7 exercises that 4 weeks to make you MODEL VICTORIA’S SECRET

We all dream about the ideal shape, but I want to achieve results as quickly as possible, but the time is not always possible to do this. And yet, to achieve the desired effortlessly as possible! We offer you a list of 7 exercises that require only 10 minutes a day, and a month later you are converted!

maximum program

The course lasts for 4 weeks, during which you will need to spend only 10 minutes on the exercise. So, the plan is as follows:

Week 1

1. Plank (2 minutes). Lie on your stomach and leaning on your elbows and toes, lift. It is imperative that the stomach does not hang loose, the back does not bend, and the priest is not stuck up. Exercise works out absolutely all muscle groups.


2. Push-ups (1 min). Well, who does not know how to do push-ups? Here again, it is important to keep the body stretched like a string. Pushes away with his hands on the floor, aligning the elbows, and return to the original position.


3. Thighs + buttocks (1 min). Get on all fours, straighten and lift one leg as high as possible and parallel to do the same with the opposite hand. Alternate legs and arms.


4. Press (1 min). Lie on your back, stretch your arms behind your head and straighten your legs without touching the floor with them. Then, lift the straight leg at the knee and touch her hand. When the lift left leg, enable this left hand, and similarly for the right side. A more sophisticated version is a twist – lifting one leg, drag it to the elbow of the opposite arm.


5. Press + buttocks (1 min). Sprites smooth hands and feet on the floor, thus fulfilling exercise strap. Then lift one foot and try to reach the knee to the chin. Do the same with the other leg.


6. Talia (1 min). Lean back against the wall, legs spread apart and slightly bend their knees. Then some nice hands in the castle (or take a small ball), keep them in front of you at chest level and turn from side to side, trying to touch her hands to the wall.


7. Strap (2 min).

Week 2

Here it is necessary to alternate 2 complexes, ie, one day does the exercises first, the next day – the second exercise, and so the circle.

Complex № 1
1. strap (3 min).
2. A press (3 minutes).
3. Thighs + buttocks (3 min).

The complex number 2
1. Waist (3 min).
2. Push-ups (3 min).
3. Press + buttocks (3 min).

Week 3

We perform the exercises of the first week.

Week 4

We perform the exercises of the second week.


Survive as a month, and after this has become a great tradition and lifestyle because we all know that any habit is formed within 21 days, so why not use this psychological moment to good use?