8 things you need to stop doing my vagina

Stop it, now!

  1. You do not change the long sweaty gym clothes after gym

Pot excellent herding calories, but it does harm to your vagina. Vlagalische naturally becomes themselves, so he needs air, so that moisture does not stagnate inside. Lycra or spandex, from which sewed clothes for your workout, not ideal for good breathability.

When you sweat, especially in training leggings, you are creating excessive humidity below. This can lead to fungal infections.

  1. You’re wearing the wrong underwear

Thong – it’s beautiful, but uncomfortable, and can negatively affect your vagina. Wearing the wrong underwear annoying vagina.

Linen denim – it’s your best friend. In contrast to the satin, lace, silk and lycra, cotton – breathable material. If you are wearing a pretty lace underwear comfortable cotton panties instead, you can court the vagina infection.

  1. You do not ventilate their vagina night

Instead of having to choose flannel pajamas, provide your vagina opportunity to “breathe”, sleep naked or in a simple long T-shirt. We sweat at night, so our vagina needs to be aired. This will help you maintain a normal pH level and total vagina ecosystem.

  1. You will shave off all the hair l0bkovye

L0bkovye hair is very stigmatized, and women everywhere recommended to get rid of them. I understand that uncomfortable to wear a thicket, but shaving vagina plays to your advantage. The hair on l0bke vagina protect against bacteria and provide him overall comfort.

When you are on your feet all day, and the pub is only starting to grow new hair, you will irritated skin on the vagina. Razor is not suitable for everyone.

  1. You ignore the persistent yeast infections

If you regularly become, infected with yeast infections and not call your gynecologist, it can result in serious health problem, such as a bacterial vagina.

In another scenario, you can constantly be infected with yeast infections because your pH level that is not right. Pay special attention to the selection of vagina. Their normal color should range from transparent to light gray. Other shades of discharge may indicate an infection. Consult your doctor!

  1. You go long in a wet bathing suit

As well as sports clothing, the wet bathing suit can not wear long, otherwise, you risk getting a yeast infection. After bathing necessarily change into a clean, dry clothes from natural materials.

  1. You do not clean the outer part of vagina

The confusion lies in the fact that you need to wash away their outer p0lovye lips. Instead of using the usual body soap, softened select means for intimacy hygienic and odorless, with a neutral pH. Just remember that it is not necessary to wash the inside of the lips p0lovyh. You can also try a special pH-wipes. Only for external cleaning.

  1. You wash your vagina soap (ordinary)

When cleaning vagina follows the rule: only water. Soap should not be used on the inside of the vagina, otherwise, you break its microflora.

Dyes, scents and other harsh ingredients in soap can irritate your vagina destroy healthy bacteria, disrupt the natural pH balance, which leads to discomfort and infection.

Your vagina cleans itself and naturally expels toxins and harmful bacteria. Simply rinse it with water once a day.