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Amazing Trick To Regrow Your Lost Hair

Hair fall and hair thinning are very common these days. Although there are many solutions available in the market which claims to solve these issues many of them are just waste of money. Here’s when natural remedies come in front of us, although there are many hair packs which are effective to solve hair fall/thinning issues but generally we don’t get time for all those remedies but today I will tell you one remedy that will only take few seconds of you and you can use it as regular hair oiling

For this, you will just need

Castor oil + Any other hair oil that you use

Mix 1 spoon of castor oil in your regular oil before hair oiling and massage your scalp with this oil. If you want you can apply it directly on your hair too but it is very thick and makes it very difficult to remove while washing your hair. SO it is always better to dilute this oil with some other oil. You can use ratio of 1:1

Correct way to use this remedy

Use this remedy on the clean scalp so that this oil can work properly. After applying this massage your scalp for 15 minutes at least. Let it act for 7-8 hours at least

Believe me, girls, castor oil is truly an amazing remedy for new thicker hair growth. It is not just for hair, it also works equally for eyebrows and eyelashes

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