The artist, tattoo artist painted her eyes and removed the belly button for one very crazy reason!


You want to hear a story, which is the epitome of the phrase ‘be yourself’? Then we will tell you about a professional tattoo Grace Neychrl that not only decked eyes and the whole body but also changed the shape of the ears and stomach removed. Why it all? It is so extraordinary way comprehends the concept of happiness!

If you want to know the history of it, then read on!

Grace Neychrl


This is the name she invented herself. She lives in London and is interested in tattoos. Personally for her, what she has done with his body, is not something unique. For us, on the contrary, it is a very shocking sight! Grace has gone through some transformation of his body in order to, as she says, to achieve true happiness. The body – a huge number of tattoos, eyes are painted in the color purple, her ears are very oddly shaped, forked tongue, etc.



In addition to all these unique changes in the body, on the face of Grace, there is a certain pattern, rather reminiscent of alien creatures. The process, which is called ” scarification ” – quite painful. It is the cutting of the upper layers of the skin that is left behind deep scars and cuts.

Navel? But why?


In search of perfection, she decided to remove himself the navel. In an interview, she said: ” I was lying on the bed, poured iodine on your stomach and cut her belly button. ”

No pain – no gain!


Grace has described these processes as rather painful actions in relation to her own body. But it seems that the pain – unheard of concept for this girl.

Severe healing.


As she herself says, the most painful experience was the transformation of the ears. ” It was the most painful.I cut the entire top of the ears ” – Grace says. ”It was very painful. And the recovery process was not easy! ”



Of course, she traces all this a certain logic. Its purpose – to find himself, his essence. She believes that change, both spiritual and physical, to help her find herself real. ” Can you imagine how cool it would be if everyone was himself. Would go out of his house, and did not feel the need to play the role of someone else. ”

Removing the skin


Cut a piece of his flesh – for the girl is not a problem. Even part of her face devoid of the skin. But this is not all the bizarre things that are a capable girl: once she cut the skin in the form of heart and give your loved one!



With its unique and crazy acts, she has won huge popularity on the Internet. At this time, Grace – 330,000 subscribers in Instagram.

This actress.


Even after winning an unprecedented popularity, she remains faithful to her favorite cause – pick tattoo!

The main thing – be yourself!


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