Bananas Are Filled With the HIV Virus?!


HIV is the most horrifying virus, which can destroy our life. We all are afraid of HIV virus and AIDS disease as the treatment on this issue is yet to be discovered. In such situation, we hit with shocking news in 2015 that a fruit available in the reputed store was injected with HIV contaminated blood.

Recently another shocking news came up which as reported by CNN, express and are firm in their statements which claim that Oklahoma Walmart market had a banana which was tested positive for HIV virus test.

The report states that a lady along with her 10-year-old boy visited Walmart in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The 10-year-old boy was later suffering from chills, fever, and tiredness and was admitted to the emergency room of the hospital. The boy has consumed banana brought from the Walmart and within 7 days he had a serious health condition.

Later in a detailed checkup, it was revealed that the young boy who is just 10 years old was tested positive for HIV virus. Shockingly 8 other children all below 17 years of age also have been tested positive for HIV during the month of March.

Notwithstanding, these cases are not valid and they have are impractical experimentally. The messages speak to just some crazy traps which have no premise truth be told. There aren’t any convincing news which can say that these cases are valid in these messages in any capacity.

The HIV infection it has the capacity of being in life just when it is inside the body of the general population. Besides, it speaks to a sort of infection which is in no way, shape or form conceivable to being found promptly after withdrawal (or as it was said in this story which is totally false, after only 7 days).

The fastest disclosure of HIV through medicinal tests can be discovered inside 4 weeks after contamination, despite the fact that there are circumstances where it might require no less than 6 months to be found, before sufficiently expanded hints of this infection are going to show up on the performed examinations and tests.

The red cocoa streaks, that are fundamentally the same as blood, are made by microbes and are known under the name of Banana Xanthomonas Wilt (BXW). Furthermore, they might be exchanged to different plants through tainted plant material, blades, soil, and in addition through the air.

If the plant gets affected then it dies soon and does not produce any fruit. There is very limited possibility that the adult plant has infections and thus the fruit was infused with the contamination of the bacteria. The news which is spreading widely is not valid. One should be conscious about the health, but the scientific facts should also be considered while reading such stories. You should be aware to live healthily!