Bhangar – ghost town in India


Fort Bhangr considered one of the worst places in India. It is said that once flourishing city was deserted in a day, and now in its ruins haunted. Local authorities banned visiting the fort after sunset.

And that’s why …


In 1613, the Maharaja Bhan Singh Bhangra I built a fort for her grandson. In 1720, the fortress conquered founder of Jaipur Jai Singh II.In 1783, there was a famine in Rajasthan: Bhangra residents left the city in search of food.


Scientists still do not know exactly why the fort was deserted Bhangarh. It is believed that the city was practically deserted for one day.According to one version, the residents fled the city in fear of natural disasters. According to another version, all the inhabitants of the fort was cut during the war. The second version is less likely because archaeologists have not found any traces of the fortress Bhangar battle.A third version, the cause of the devastation became hungry.


Locals prefer to believe in the beautiful legend associated with the formation, rise and fall Bhangra.

One legend tells of a wise man by the name of Baba Balanat and his curse. Once the Maharaja decided to build a fort in the area where the sage lived. Maharaj came to the ascetic and asked for permission to build a new castle. Sage allowed, however, demanded that none of the building of the new city does cast a shadow on his home. Balanat Baba Maharaj warned that as soon as the shadow of a building fall to the hut of the sage, the city will be destroyed.

Maharaja remembered the words of an ascetic and no tall buildings built in the fortress. The city grew and developed. The descendants of the Maharaja of haughty and you forget about the sage’s warning. They decided to build a tall building, which was supposed to symbolize wealth and prosperity Bhangar fort. But as soon as the shadow of a building fell on the hut of the sage, the town suffered the penalty.


Another legend has it that a witch who has studied black magic fell in love with the princess Bhangara Ratnavati. The princess was so beautiful, that the heirs of all the royal families of India asked for her hand.

When the princess turned 18, she and her friends went to the market and bought perfume. The wizard saw it and replaced the perfume on the potion, which was supposed to make the princess fall in love with a warlock. However, Ratnavati noticed the substitution and smashed a bottle on a huge rock. At the same time, the stone was moved and crushed sorcerer. Before his death, the magician managed to shout a curse: Bhangar will be destroyed, and no one will live in a ghost town.

Some time after the death of the sorcerer in the castle attacked by the Mughals. While in the city of 10,000 people lived: the invaders left no one alive. Since then, the fortress Bhangar nobody lives, and the villagers believe that the fort at night appears ghosts and witch princess.


Today, the fort is often referred Bhangar Bhoot Bangla, which is translated from the Indian as a “ghost house”. Among the ruins of the fortress, you can see temples, palaces, and houses. In the castle are five gates. Not far from the main gate located Hindu temples dedicated to Hanuman, Ganesha, and other gods.

One of the most beautiful buildings considered Gopinath temple, whose walls are decorated with carvings. In the city, you can also see the Dance Palace (Nathan Ki Haveli), Market Square and the Royal Palace. Outside the gates of the fortress is the mausoleum of one of the sons of the king Hari Singh, converted to Islam.


To visit Bhangare possible only during the day. Local authorities banned visiting the fort at night. At the fort wall hangs an official warning from the Archaeological Society of India: “Visiting Bhangra from dusk to dawn are strictly prohibited.”

To get to the fort can Bhangar from Delhi, Jaipur, Alwar and Sariska. Distance from Delhi is 235 km, to Jaipur – 53 km, to Alvar – 84 km, to Sariska – 47 km.


Interesting fact: in 2014 came an Indian horror film “Trip to BhangarĀ» (Trip to Bhangarh).


Nowadays, the city lives only in the afternoon, when crowds of tourists visit it. At night, the city ruins remain deserted. The Government of India is not afraid that after sunset, some vandals will be able to harm the historic facilities as at night to put your nose to not be afraid to just wish to stay there forever.

When it was decided to create a night-time security for Bhangar, it became clear that no one else wanted to start this work for any money.















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