The biggest cow in the world live in Australia

In Australia lives the world’s largest cow. Although “technically” is bull. Big Moo (Big Moo) lives in Glencoe (South Australia), it weighs nearly a ton, length – 4.27 meters, and the height at the withers – 190 centimeters. This is a true giant among the cows!



However, despite its large and menacing look, Big Moo loves when his pochёsyvayut behind the ear.The owner of the bull is the largest vine Joanne (Joanne Vine), a midwife by profession and a happy grandmother, who lives with her husband on a dairy farm. Struck by the enormous proportions of the Big Moo, she spared the animal and sent it to the slaughterhouse. According to her, he saved the life of his uniqueness.



Joanne suggests that 7-year-old Big Moo can continue to grow, which is likely to be the result of an undiagnosed pituitary disorder that can produce excess growth hormones.



Although Big Moo has not yet hit the Guinness Book of Records, its owner is already thinking about the conduct of the official measurements. To make sure that Big Moo – the largest in Australia, Joanne Vine threw cry to owners of cattle declared their giants, although more than confident that he will be the owner of the Guinness record.