Biologist brings endangered species of butterflies in his garden

When California biologist by the name of Tim Wong discovered that a rare species of butterflies living on the territory of its home state, is on the verge of extinction, he decided to take the matter to save these butterflies in their hands. Not having at its disposal a lot of money, a young man still managed to restore the population of the species. How did he do it? Let’s find out.


More recently battles file nor butterfly of the family sailing was on the verge of extinction in California, USA.


However, the California Academy of Sciences Fellow, microbiology Tim Wong decided to restore the population of this rare species … in his garden.


The main difficulty was that this kind of butterflies feeds on just one single plant called California Dutch tube. So Tim had to plant a sufficient number of these plants.


He built a greenhouse in the garden, creating ideal conditions for the cultivation of butterflies.


Tim began by saying that he had brought into the garden of 20 tracks.


Then began a long process of maturation.


Caterpillars pupated, to then turn into beautiful butterflies.


Since then, three years have passed. During this time, a biologist brought so many rare species of butterflies, now residents of San Francisco to see them almost every day. So battles file nor is no longer an endangered species.


“Every year we have seen more butterflies flying in the garden, lay their eggs, which later appear caterpillars pupate successfully creating and new butterflies” – shares his joy, Tim Wong.


“This means that our efforts are not in vain!”.

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