November 5, 2016 Travel

Croatia: Rovinj

Rovinj – a small town in Croatia, located on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula. The old town of Rovinj is located on a peninsula shaped like a drop.

November 1, 2016 Nature

Island of bad luck

Island Mingo located in Africa, on Lake Victoria. Its area is very small – 1800 so. m, but it is home to 131 people in the shacks. It is an

October 30, 2016 Travel

UK Beautiful locks

Locks appeared in medieval Europe as a fortified feudal residence. It was not only housing, but also a fortress, and the index of the importance of the feudal lord, his

October 30, 2016 Natural

Fort Alexander

Fort Alexander – St. Petersburg defender. At one time, the northern capital of Russia was protected by a whole string of forts across the nearby Gulf of Finland. Most of

October 27, 2016 Nature

Himalaya: Annapurna Ring

Annapurna ring is considered one of the most picturesque tourist routes and has a worldwide reputation, every year it held about 20,000 hikers from around the world. 5 o’clock in

October 23, 2016 Travel

An exciting journey through Romania

Romania – a fascinating country with a unique culture, numerous architectural sights and incredibly beautiful landscapes. Here comes a lot of tourists every year. However, it is impossible to fully

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