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What causes gray hair? Now, this process can be reversed!


When we reach the age of 30, from 10 to 20% of the hair on the head are gray. Ultimately, gray covered have all the hair.

The hair contains a special pigment called melanin. Each hair contains dark melanin (eumelanin) and light melanin (pheomelanin), which merge together to form the final hair color.

Keratin is a protein and “responsible” for that hair color retain its original color. With age, the melanin is reduced and the hair begins to turn gray.

Scientists have discovered a gene associated with graying hair. What it affects the production of melanin, is still a mystery.

It was found in the current study that the same gene is also responsible for hair color, and then they begin to turn gray.

Scientists say that the hair turns gray mainly due to age, environment, stress, etc.

According Katsuba Adhikari, the candidate of historical sciences:

“Perhaps drugs that increase or decrease the amount of protein in organisms, act on melanin”.

Do you have hair of our biological clock?

Desmond Tobin, Ph.D., claims that the hair follicles have the special biological clock, which ultimately slows down the activity of melanocytes cells.

“It happens at different rates for different hair follicles. Moreover, this process is different for each person. ”

It is known, for example, that people with white skin starting to turn gray to 30 years, Asians tend to the end of the third ten. In black this phenomenon begins in the mid 40’s.

What else is the cause of this phenomenon?

A few factors that have an impact on this process:

-Perkins hydrogen: very few people know that the hair produces hydrogen peroxide. With age, the quantity of the substance increases.

Smoking: scientists claim that there is a link between tobacco and graying hair.

-Oki elite NY stress: it is defined as a condition in which free radicals are increased in their number. The reason – pollution, poor diet, stress.

-Deficit B12: This is another cause of premature gray hair.

Are premature gray hair cause health problems?

The researchers argue that there is some connection between the family members, who had a similar problem.

Some influence on this process can have and obesity. On the other hand, premature gray hair may indicate a risky state of the bone tissue, which is called osteopenia.

“The association between premature graying and lower bone mass may be associated with the genes.”

Thyroid disorders, anemia and vitiligo are also associated with premature graying. There is also an increased coronary heart disease risk (CHD) among young smokers.

Does stress cause gray hair?

It is also believed that stress is the cause of gray hair (remember CEOs or office heads).

A study conducted in 2011 showed that chronic stress leads to DNA damage, which directly affects the aging process, moreover, increases the risk of cancer, neuropsychiatric diseases, and miscarriages.

Scientists have identified two potential “drug” for gray hair.

Scientists believe that the main ways to overcome this phenomenon – protein and stem cells, which control the development of the hair follicle.

According to doctors, there is nothing wrong or dangerous in the fact that in his old age, and people get gray hair. You just need to understand that this is a problem that needs solving.

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