This chick had fallen out of the nest and die. But look at it in 36 days!

Dropped out of the nest, newborn chicks usually die. Fortunately, this new-born songbird has miraculously found his brother veterinarian, who just came out for a jog.

Sam gave the vet every step amazing bird recovery. We publish the results of his labors!

Day 1


This is the first day of the baby with us. My brother found her on the sidewalk while jogging. She had just hatched, and pieces of shell were still on it. The nest has collapsed completely so that we could not place it on the neighboring trees.

Day 2


Although not a particularly attractive appearance, little chicks in their own sweet. We kept the bird in an incubator while controlling temperature and humidity. We decided that this girl (though I confess honestly, I had no idea how to determine the sex of the chick), and called it the dumpling.

Day 3


Small birds eat a lot! We fed Klёtsku crickets, worms, insects and caught an inexpensive special essence for chicks. We are allowed to eat for 30 minutes every 14 hours. Just imagine how many insects to catch parents nestling in the natural environment to feed their offspring!

Day 4


Today you can see the remarkable transformation of the feathers on the wings. And she has a funny fluffy Iro Kezia color.

Day 5


Dumpling learned to confidently sit. Look how changed its feathers in just 24 hours! And she began to open his eyes!

Day 6


Here’s a nice picture, which shows how well developed its feathers. You can see them in the corner.When the wings grow to the desired size, this shell is broken, and give them the opportunity to finish.

Day 7


During the night the whole shell Sprinkle, and here it is our bird! Here you can also see the bent finger on foot, but do not worry, he told her in no way interfered with.

Day 8


“Feed me!!!”

Day 9


We no longer use the incubator as a bird covered with feathers and have learned to regulate their body temperature. However, the less funny it is not made.

Day 10


We gave her a new cell. She was happy, despite the expression of their faces.

Day 17


We found a cage for her more and put too many different branches. Who would have thought she was flying and jumping from branch to branch like a pro!

Day 23


This is one of my favorite photos Cletsky. Here you can see how transformed her feathers. We decided that it is likely to belong to the species Griffon Zon tri ii or ordinary sparrow oatmeal. Both species are migratory, and we hope that our bird will be able to adapt.

Day 29


She was delighted when we put in a cage a few twigs and leaves! Birds of its kind like buds of trees, so she began to look for them immediately.

Day 36


Here it is – Freedom Day! All the conditions were perfect for our little Klёtsku release, so we decided that this day is perfect for such an event.

Goodbye, dumpling! We opened the cage, pulled back, and the bird immediately flew out and sat down on a nearby branch. She had no doubts and immediately began to explore the world. Soon we lost sight of her. Of course, nature does not knowingly invent natural selection, but sometimes it’s so nice to help a helpless creature!

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