Compress from a strong cough. Cure for the evening!

I want to share a recipe cakes which always use in case of bronchitis:

1 tbsp. l. honey
1 tbsp. l. dry mustard,
1 tbsp. l. vinegar,
1 tbsp. l. sunflower oil,
flour so that you can sculpt.

Cakes on the breast or back put a diaper (not cellophane!), You need to tightly wrap the child’s woolen scarf for the night.


It is known that honey has properties which help treat many diseases, without resorting to the use of traditional medicines. Most often it is used to treat inflammatory and
simply catarrhal diseases of the respiratory system.

This post will affect the question of how to treat the child with honey tortilla, and how to do it.

The essence of this treatment is on the application of the area on the chest
cells, which are light, dense masses which are based on
natural honey, it’s hard enough relieves a cough.

Everything is done very simply and quickly taken honey, which should be quite a bit on the small breasts to the child.

Then you need the flour:

Knead the flour with honey so that the resulting cake is not crumbled, and was viscous (almost does not stick to hands):

Plus, you can add vegetable oil.

Next, we place our boneless flour cake on a napkin (or can be wrapped in gauze)

After that, everything is secured with the help of plaster under the T-shirt:

Naturally, our tortilla should not fall on the heart!

All this business for 2-3 hours – it is better when the baby sleeps. There is much to sweat – so under her something to put and then change clothes.

The adult honey cake is used as well, but for the best effect is advised to add more mustard.

Contraindicated do those who are allergic to honey!