The couple sailed on a makeshift boat with oars way from England to France

Young couple Matt and Polly Hilton obviously thirsting for adventure, spent 56 days traveling from city to county of Devon, England, to the shores of the south of France, a city in the region Languedoc-Roussillon, in the 4-meter boat with oars.

Matt Polly overcome all the way, of about 1500 km, on the boat, which Matt built from scratch. The boys called her favorite “Dunlin” in honor of the little marsh birds.


After spending six months in the construction of the boat, the couple went on a journey from the town of Rewa. From there, they sailed on the oars to Pula, a city on the coast of the English Channel, where they had to take a ferry and cross the English Channel (La Manche), otherwise, they are not passed.


Then the couple went to “Dunlin” from Cherbourg (a port city in the northwest of France) in Picardy, and from there on the Somme River in the city of Reims and on to the Rhône River. Matt Polly finished the tour in the port town of Sète, noting adventure bottle of champagne.


Although the boat was a small sail guy most of the time spent at the oars. 28-year-old Polly, in which the business of the production of cider, said that at times the weather was awful, the first three weeks of travel without stopping pouring rain, which, of course, made them even more difficult to swim.


Soon the weather took pity on them, but the sail still could not pick up, so they had to pull almost all the time. Of course, the journey turned out to be a very difficult test, in addition to a pair of the periodic case some curiosities. For example, once they have lost lantern, floating in the 5-kilometer dark tunnel.


“Dunlin” in the process of construction.





By the way, the couple went on a journey for a reason, and in order to attract attention and raise money to help fund refugee children.


Matt Polly at the beginning of the adventure in the bay Lalu out, Dorset.


Matt posted on the boat tent, which could lay out and spend the night in it.





As expected, the end of a difficult journey a couple said bottle of champagne.

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