If you cut a body in half of these ants, the parts will fight each other to death!


When it comes to Australian nature, most people immediately think of spiders, snakes, and other horrible creatures. But this is not the whole list of monsters that inhabit this mysterious area!

Here, for example, Myrmecia ants.

Ants Myrmecia, also known as Myrmecia are very common throughout the Australian coast.


They have unusually large jaws, which are capable of inflicting painful bites all those who try to get close to their shelter.


But you know what would happen to them if their bodies are divided in half? Parts will begin to fight each other.


Yes, you read that right!


If we divide the body of ants and put the halves next to each other, these parts will begin the real fighting. Head will try to bite the tail, and the tail will try to sting the head several times. The fight usually lasts about an hour, until the two halves do not die.

Of course, this is the most terrible and ruthless ants. One can hardly envy the one who tries to destroy their nest!

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