Doctors warn: do not ever wipe the skin of their children’s baby wipes, and no matter what it is!


Baby wipes are a must for parents, as they are very convenient when you need to quickly bring your baby in order. They are easy to take them with you: You can change a diaper, wipe their sticky hands, face, and even toys. Up to this point, we have assumed that they are completely safe to use, but …


Many parents do not think twice before you buy wipes for their babies. In the end, because they are completely safe to use, right?

As a result, more and more studies streaming down doubts about whether the baby wipes are safe for baby soft skin. In fact, most doctors strongly advise parents to completely abandon the use of wet wipes, since, in this way, they put their children at risk.

According to NBC News reports, the study found that baby wipes are not safe for children because of one key ingredient. The results of these tests were alarming: in children manifested reaction to this ingredient in the form of itchy, scaly, reddish skin.

Professor of dermatology and pediatrics at the Medical University of Connecticut, Dr. Mary Wu Chang, was one of the experts who conducted the study. It considered the cases of many children, and, in the end, six unique reactions have attracted her attention.

One 8-year-old girl had a strong rash on the buttocks and around the mouth. Due to the location of the reaction results in the body of a little girl, Dr. Chang was able to narrow down the problem of children’s wet wipes, which the girl used. She asked her mother the girl, she gives the little girl personal hygiene, and the answer was ” baby wipes ”.


Remembering previous studies, Dr. Chang stumbled upon an incident that occurred with one Belgian man who had severe chemical and allergic reaction to a preservative called Methylisothiazolinone. Dr. Chang connects this with the same preservative, which has been in baby wipes.

Do not hesitate, Dr. Chang made a special analysis to see whether the girl is allergic to the preservative, and, of course, the test was positive. The solution was quite simple: the girl’s mother renounced the use of these tissues, and the rash is completely gone in a short time.

Over the next 1.5 years, Dr. Chang found a similar reaction even in 5 children. Thanks to the successful treatment of the first girl, the doctor was able to persuade five more parents to refuse to use napkins to their children, and rashes on the skin of these children, too soon gone.

Methylisothiazolinone was found in the part of many popular brands, such as Johnson & Johnson, Cottonelle, and Huggies. Since today it became clear that this component represents a danger to the health of children, these companies are reviewing the possibility of using it in their products. Their goal was to try to replace it with the harmful chemicals harmless alternative.

Another dermatologist, Dr. Ellen Frankel, too, agrees with Dr. Chan, the parents do not have to use napkins to their children. She advised the following:

“I always say that parents, under any circumstances, should not use the wipes. They contain many chemical substances, and they can cause irritation of the skin, which has to some extent due to the bursting of what babysitting in the urine and feces, or a long time has been in a diaper. ”

To make sure that this harmful chemical will not cause the same problems as in the case of your child, look at the ingredients that are listed on the packaging of children’s wet wipes. If you see a part of such a substance, like Methylisothiazolinone, you will, in any case, do not buy these wipes. Thus, you can prevent the occurrence of these terrible sores in your baby.

Although the wet wipes are the most convenient way to always keep your baby clean, however, the risk to which you are exposing your baby, certainly not worth it. Do not despair, because there are many other ways, for example, prepare your own wipes at home using only natural ingredients, or you can use a towel with warm water!

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