I drink coffee to save the liver from toxins! It is important after drinking …

This news will please anyone who loves coffee and does not deny me the pleasure sometimes drink a glass of two of wine or other alcoholic beverage. Coffee helps the liver to recover, protect it from toxins and prolongs youth important body! But only if the correct prepare coffee …


How to drink coffee

The best way to drink coffee to cleanse the liver – Mediterranean. It makes a lot of long-livers of the Mediterranean, not even suspecting that a problem with the liver.

Drink in the morning cup of freshly ground coffee without sugar, then cash her a small amount of butter.Doses of oil, which is placed on the tip of a knife, would be sufficient. It is best to eat breakfast within 1 hour after a cup of healthful beverage.

Coffee – the perfect cholagogues and work in the morning could not be better: the gall bladder to completely empty. No cirrhosis, no gallstones after a regular procedure, your body will not get any!

Also, coffee with oil contributes to lower cholesterol and is the prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system.

If you absolutely do not priceless coffee without sugar, do not worry: you can drink a beverage with sugar for health purposes, but be sure – with cream or milk in this case. The liver, as well as the brain, loves sugar and loves healthy fats contained in milk.

Tell your friends how to cleanse the liver with the help of a cup of coffee in the morning! I wish you good health.