The girl received burns 2 degrees from a telephone cable

Jackie Pedro from Illinois, USA, can be safely called a happy mother. Beloved husband, four children, comfort, and respect in the home. Unlike many parents, who are already in elementary school children inferior to the requests and present them expensive phones, Jackie wanted a child of her children as small as possible heaped electronics. Only when her eldest daughter Gabby was 13 years old, my parents decided to give her smartphone.


One day, during a telephone conversation, Jackie heard the cries of his daughter. The girl ran down the stairs, his hands covering his neck.



On the neck, Gabby had terrible burns. As it turned out, the girl used her new phone while it is charging. Cable has accidentally touched the necklace around his neck. Her current hit on the neck were disgusting second-degree burns. As it happened, the parents until the end and did not understand. They themselves over the years used similar phones. But is it any wonder? As we all now know, beautiful and innocent-looking smartphones can sometimes even explode like grenades …

After the doctors took care of the girl, Jackie, and her husband decided to publish these photos on Facebook, so that other young people aware of the danger of their expensive electronic toys. The burns on his neck Gabby is now likely to remain forever.


Jackie returned the phone to the mobile operator’s office, where he bought. She promised that the company will try to sort out what had happened . In addition, the company gave away free family Fedor new phone and promised to pay the costs of treating the girls if their insurance will not cover.


Unfortunately, the fate of the young Gabby taught a lesson rather a painful way. But her parents are also happy that the child is not presented to the phone at a younger age.

We used to always and in all rely on electronics. But do not forget that any technique sometimes fails.

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