Scientists from Green Chemicals in Leeds a UK based company in a study on the dangers of hair dye have warned that these products used by millions of women and men have cancer causing chemicals.

The scientists published their findings in a renowned scientific journal.

They stated that when chemicals found in regular hair dye called secondary amine can be retained on the hair and scalp for days and even years.

This chemical according to the scientists will penetrate the skin and in time will react with air pollutants such as exhaust fumes and tobacco smoke to convert into very hazardous chemicals known as N-nitrosamines which are responsible for the formation and growth of cancerous cells in humans.

While the scientists have sounded the alarm bells and have gone ahead to recommend that commercial hair dyes should be re-examined and thoroughly scrutinized because of the sheer number of people that make use of them, however, the cosmetics industry have cried foul play and have vehemently challenged their findings.

It must be noted at this point that before the findings of the British scientist’s hair dye had been closely linked to quite a number of tumors and cancers, some of which include; leukemia, ovarian, bladder, brain and breast cancer.

Natural hair dye alternative

You can try this DIY homemade recipe to dye your hair.

Using coffee to dye your hair

A January 2007 publication in the International Journal of Dermatology stated that coffee is great for hair growth. So you can use coffee to dye and promote your hair growth. Try this recipe:

-Use organic coffee as non-organic coffee would likely have added chemicals.
-Make an espresso with your organic coffee.
-Allow your coffee to cool at room temperature.
-Then mix 2 tablespoons of grounded organic coffee beans to 1 cup of your espresso and 2 cups of natural conditioner.
-Then you should apply this mixture to your hair.
-Leave the homemade hair dye on your hair for approximately 1 hour.
-Your hair will have a chocolate color that is natural, undamaged and with no chemicals lodged in it.

Rinsing your hair with coffee

-First, you should shampoo your hair.
-Next, you pour cool coffee running all over your hair, make sure you do this in your bathroom.
-Then you should leave the coffee on your hair for about20 minutes.
-After 20 minutes rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar.
-Apple cider vinegar will help ensure that the coffees chocolate color are retained in your hair.
-Finally, thoroughly rinse your hair with warm water.

You may not notice an immediate change in your hair color, in this case, you are advised to repeat the procedure for some consecutive days until your desired hair tone is achieved.