Here’s The Reason Why Your Period Blood Smells


Despite all the period hacks and good stuff about periods (eg. having sex on your period is really good), every woman will come to the point that the monthly phase of menstruation is tough and it gets really hard to deal with so many things all at the same time. The mood swings, period cramps, hunger, and extra poop give a relly tough time to the PMSing woman. And if that wasn’t enough, we have to deal with the smell of the period blood as well!

Sometimes the foul smell becomes strong and apparent too, followed by backaches and acne avalanche. Below are the major reasons why the period blood smells a little stingy:

1) pH balance


During menstruation, the pH level rises, thus making the blood less acidic. This results in the growth of bacteria down there and eventually the smelling of the period blood.

2) Bacteria


There are chances of presence of bacteria and fungus around the uterus lining during the period. Since it’s the uterus lining which gets shed during menstruation, the blood might smell. Also, if the blood stays for long in the uterus, chances are high it will smell stronger.

3) Moisture retention


During the period, the moisture gets retained in the vagina which can sometimes lead to fungal infections. This leads to fishy smell near the vaginal area adding to the bad odor.

4) Air blockage in sanitary pads and tampons


The constant air blockage by tampons and sanitary napkins near the genitalia are a major reason of bad odor.

5) Douche


Some women believe in douching during menstruation, but in many cases, quick showering of water to get rid of the smell hasn’t proved to be a healthy decision.

Period cramps are savage, and they are bad enough to turn a loving woman into a devil for those 5 days.


And while menstruation gives a woman this feeling.


Here are the major reasons why the period blood smells a bit pungent.

So eat, relax and exercise a bit during your period days and before you know, you’re a free bird for another month!


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