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Himalaya: Annapurna Ring

Annapurna ring is considered one of the most picturesque tourist routes and has a worldwide reputation, every year it held about 20,000 hikers from around the world.


5 o’clock in the morning. The sun’s rays make their way through the curtained window and wake me up, tired and just. This day we prepared really hard call – to pass about 10 km on a very dangerous path straight to the lake Tilicho base camp. The jokes were over – to this day we struck the barrier of 4000 meters, and now had to be more carefully listen to the signals of your body. Great was the temptation to remain to lie in a warm bed and nowhere to go, but here in the battle with their own comfort zone entered a desire to deal with adversity and to see such beauty that few people have seen.

I am currently reviewing these photos and I can not believe I was there. Now it is very cool to see them sitting with a cup of tea, fresh and rested, but because then most of the forces are not left out to enjoy plenty of activities such as the fact that the fight with constant fatigue and apathy. On the seventh day, I finally kept to himself and was left alone with his demons. But what happened to see on the way to the base camp Tilicho lake and then through some difficult to pass, all left their mark on this trip. I do not know when I can once again see something as beautiful.


Yesterday’s bad weather forced us to think about the further course of action. We are anticipating the worst scenario, he concluded that, to roll back, back to the path that led to the pass Thorong La, if the weather does not stop. Fortunately, the next day we were met by the hot sun and clear weather with excellent visibility. In the village, no one, except us, is not roaming the streets, and it gave a kind of surreal what they see.
Over the Himalayan expanse hangs menacingly seven-thousandth wall Tilicho – just at the foot of it, at an altitude of 5010 meters, is the highest mountain lake in the world with the same name. All the guidebooks write that road there is the most dangerous and unpredictable throughout the track, and to begin the path is strictly rested and full of energy, or any mistake will be fatal. Sounds intriguing?Soon I understood why all unanimously called dangerous path.


If very good look closely, you can see a subtle thin track.


Sometimes the road splits and goes sharply down, then up sharply. Neither option is not simple.Without thinking, we decide to take up sharply – do not want to descend down to the river, then to climb again. Every 40 minutes, arrange a halt to such species here:


Often the weather sharply spoiled, but the extremes are not reached. In this respect, we were lucky as Jack, our last companion, got into a storm and miraculously reached the camp.


If the path was easy, there would clearly film “Martian.” The landscape was not like the one that we have met before, and this did not leave me feeling like I’m on another planet. In the photo, I just lowered the saturation, in fact, the mountain has a yellow tinge.


A couple of photos on the memory. Even despite the fact that my pug was constantly covered with a handkerchief, and the person I smeared cream with protection 70, the end of the day my nose Koblenz completely, and it looked so horribly that I became afraid to even to himself. This is the reverse side of the solar radiation.




Now the word about the dangers. As you can see, a fence or not, as it usually happens in tourist areas. Moreover, the gravel under my feet all the time breaks down, sometimes the leg to the ankle rolls in fine gravel. The angle of inclination is sometimes greater than 45 degrees, and if one thinks of a stone roll on top – it is almost 100% death. Predict the trajectory of falling stone is not possible, he now and then bounces from the surface. Add to this the hurricane tries to put you down teleport. A fall would have a long time, about 400 meters. Such the case, unfortunately, not isolated, so you had to be on guard all the time. It is in this context need to be as rested here. This is not a problem when you’re only there you go, but after a visit to the lake, Tilicho to rise to 5,000 meters, the road back can be a hassle and a test on the verge of life and death.


If possible, it is better to turn off the music to listen to disturbing sounds, and often rely on a trekking pole. The Himalayas do not care whose lives take.


Beauty around the course, indescribable, does not cause the slightest regret, that we decided to make a detour route and to devote as much as 3 days. And what, in fact, rush, when you are among such grandeur?


Note the inclination angle.




It could not be better, you can feel the fine line that separates life from death. Sometimes it was really scary because I’m still far behind and from the group. For all the way to the camp we met only one person, so no one would come to the rescue in case anything happens. Full autonomy)


Photo with the true colors. This is perhaps one of the most beautiful places that I have ever seen with my own eyes. Himalayan colossus one of its kind inspire reverence and awe. And if today we were lucky with the weather, it means that they are – on our side.


A perfect example of how a person is fragile before the forces of nature.


God knows how these rocks were formed, but at the turn of the crowd winds sharply to the right and takes us to the finish line, where the landscape has changed dramatically. There is a visible segment of the path, which we will pass on the next day, and it will be another big story.


The ideal place for filming “The Lord of the Rings.”


In the distance, you can see the base camp. The impression is that before it doorsteps deceptive. The path is not straight, it then falls sharply, then rises sharply, as if laughing at pretty tired travelers. By this time, my feet were cotton – infinite petulance and combating equilibrium has taken away a lot of effort. And what can I say, I now have exceeded 4000 meters, and is now below we do not have to lower in the coming week? This track requires more and to spend the night at an altitude of 4000+ meters – it will help better prepare for the pass Thorong La. Although, of course, a heroic dream will not be called, probably one of the immediate sufferings.


Approximately 10 minutes prior to my coming into the camp, the weather has changed dramatically, and the sky became overcast, drizzling rain and the gale-force wind rose. It is good that now I have not threatened (relatively).


Now the necessary information about the camp. Previously, two years ago, it has never existed, and unhappy trackers had to break a tent or sleep under three blankets on the bare ground, which meant taking, even more, weight and even more difficulties.

Recently Nepalese fellows decided to build 3 buildings – two residential and one large dining room. The rooms were open to all winds, but it is certainly better than to spend the night outdoors. A dining room, to my surprise, it was the best place on the track – here finally was a normal meal – similarity spaghetti, hot chocolate, sandwiches. For all camp eyeing 4 people, which was prepared and cleaned.they work likely shifts. There is also a vaycay – 300 rupees and total NL))) It was possible to upload pictures and a little complain to your friends about how you want big juicy test or warm Dusík.


Here, in the dining room, we met returning from the lake Tilicho travelers, and everyone on the face clearly read the signs of altitude sickness. One constantly felt sick, the second two hours sitting, holding his head, and the third was delirious and stared blankly at the wall. Yes … It seemed like an adventure behind, but they are only just beginning …

In the evening I decided to take pictures of a starry sky, but 20 minutes later he changed his mind – for a while, while I stood there, I’m stiff and barely flexed his fingers. In such a cold better to keep moving, because I did only 2 of the frame and went to sleep test 4000th height.



80% trackers ignore this radial sortie, and as you have seen, a very good reason – types of cost, despite the many difficulties. Should you visit the Annapurna ring – always look here!


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