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Island of bad luck


Island Mingo located in Africa, on Lake Victoria. Its area is very small – 1800 so. m, but it is home to 131 people in the shacks. It is an island of fishermen and people living here, organized the “senatorial republic”, and do not allow outsiders in their community. The island is disputed territory between Kenya and Uganda.
The island was inhabited Mingo recently – in 1991. Then two Kenyan fisherman Dalmas Tembo and Dorje Kibbe decided to land on it.Prepared guys seriously, before heading Mingo, they held the ritual expulsion of evil spirits. The reason legends – among Africans living around Lake Victoria, there was a belief that the island is home to an evil spirit Calella. Old witch banished Calella. Tembo later admitted that during this ceremony they had to give 300 kg of fish. In my opinion, 300 kg of fish for the island – it’s inexpensive. It is not clear why the sorcerer as many fish!

After that, the two intrepid fishermen were joined by about 60 Africans from Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. One of the motives of their settlement on Mingo was not only a good opportunity to catch, but also to create the commune, where there was no inequality and evil.By 2009 Mingo population reached 131 people, and after that “honorable senators” settlers Kibbe Tembo and decided to stop receiving the commune.

The main catch here is the Nile perch, a week family can earn up to $ 200-250 – in the neighboring countries is the average wage of Africans in 2-3 months.

Maintain the independence of the “state” Mingo it allows that the island is in dispute between Kenya and Uganda – neither one nor the other country can not include it in its territory, and because they close their eyes to these fishermen.

During the last twenty years, both countries entered 9 times in armed conflicts over Mingo. Island fishermen caused by serious disputes.At first, the Coast Guard and Kenya, and Uganda broke the boat fishermen, tore their network and even shot 6 people. But then, both countries have agreed that the municipality has to pay the tax and those and others.

As a result, the tax, which goes and Kenya, and Uganda is around 25% of the earnings of fishermen and those, and others. Another 10% of income goes to the maintenance unit and the forces of the commune self-defense (though there is some self-defense against a regular army!). That is Mingo residents are forced to pay 60% of your earnings for your freedom. But even the remaining 40% of income to help them at times better off than the rest of the neighbors on the lake Viktoriya.Ostrov African fishing village

On this island, there are five bars, a beauty salon, a pharmacy, as well as several hotels and four public houses – men engaged in fishing, while their wives and relatives of the bodywork part time. Island fishermen and sin. But according to the rules Mingo commune stranger here can not be more than a day.

Manage commune life two “honorable senator” Tembo and Kibbe – its founding fathers, as well as five more elected senators (only men over 30 years of age can become them). Seven senators Decisions are taken by simple majority.

The maximum penalty is expulsion on the island with him, a simple punishment – spanking thatched whips. In twenty years of existence on the island of the “state” of fishermen with him, six men were driven, all – for theft.

Next to Mingo, 200 meters from it there is another island – Using. They write that he is still uninhabited, although judging from the photo there are buildings (maybe just a warehouse). But in spite of the terrible overcrowding in the “commune”, it is considered that Using also lives an evil spirit, the other, called tuck. There also reportedly moved banished and the evil spirit with Mingo Calella.

Residents of “communes” all the time and could not find a strong sorcerer, who would be able to overcome at once two powerful evil spirits. Using too is controversial between Kenya and Uganda, but to settle on it soldiers of the armies of both countries refused for the same reason – because of the stay on it evil spirits. On Using there are only a few temporary structures, which sometimes stop biologists Lake Victoria and its inhabitants.

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