In just 4 months Kareena lost all baby weight that she gained during pregnancy. Here’s 5 tips given by her

Recently during a live chat session on facebook yummy, mommy Karena Kapoor shared how she lost all of her pregnancy weight in just 4 months after delivery. During all over her pregnancy Kareena proudly showed her baby bump, she gained a healthy weight of 18Kgs, got double chin also and finally delivered a healthy baby boy in December. But after just delivery, she was worried about all her extra weight but her dietician Rujuta made this task easier for her.

Kareena wanted to follow her Tashan diet to get back in shape soon but Rujuta said her to keep patience and suggested to her to come back in the fit body slowly. Finally, results are in front of our eyes, KArenna is healthy and fit again

Below there are few tips that she followed:

1. “One very important thing all women should know is that in one pregnancy, you lose five years of calcium in the body,” Kapoor Khan said. “So getting back into shape also means accelerating the calcium levels in the body.” She has been religiously having a tall glass of milk every night.

Dairy has a lot of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) that helps you burn more fat, Diwekar explained. “And also short chain fatty acids that lead to mobilization of fat from stubborn areas, such as the tummy,” she said.

2. Talking about the dark circles a lot of women develop postpartum, Diwekar suggested increasing the intake of foods that have a high content of Vitamin B12 and iron, such as curd, buttermilk, and pickle. “Even til ka laddoos (sesame seed) that Kareena loves has a lot of B12 and iron that help get rid of dark circles. But no binging—everything should be had in controlled amounts.” Coconut with jaggery and Baja roti with ghee and our are other things you may eat for upping your iron levels.

3. “I was in panic mode post my delivery to lose all the weight I had gained,” Kapoor Khan said. “I even insisted Rujuta put me back on my Tashan diet. But she told me we can’t do that now as this time, we need to get my body back in shape in a progressive manner.”

She was also quite apprehensive about the rice she had been asked to eat—that too twice a day! “The reason is that eating rice allows you to bring back a lot of the good bacteria that something as strenuous as a delivery may wash out,” Diwekar explained.

4. One thing that the duo talked about repeatedly was the importance of refraining from crash diets. “That is what leads to a lot of lifestyle disorders, such as post pregnancy thyroid,” Diwekar warned. “Because when you’re on a crash diet, you reduce the calorie intake so much that your body is forced to slow down its metabolism.”

It’s also important to not just lose weight but to rebuild your bone and muscle density. “The more bone and muscle you carry, the more compact you look. And the less bone and muscle you carry, the flabbier you look,” she said. So when you crash diet, you may lose weight, but you’ll still look flabby.

5. As for exercises to supplement your diet to get back in shape, the actor and her dietician swear by walking. “Rujuta always says that walking is the best exercise in the world. Post pregnancy, when even getting on a treadmill can be tough, 20-30 minutes of walking can really help,” Kapoor Khan said. “It has helped me beautifully. I can already feel my core strength increasing.”