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How To Kill Cockroaches With No Chemicals

These insects are really awful and nasty. You get afraid just by thinking about them, let alone being near them. They move everywhere in the home, bathrooms, kitchens, public spaces and so on.

They even cause allergies ! This is because they get in touch with filth and feces too.



As states, they bring 33 kinds bacteria and 7 of them are human pathogens like e.coli  and salmonella. Also, 6 types of parasite worms.

All of these can create new diseases.  And the bad part is that those illnesses spread really fast. You can even have severe asthma, gastro problems, salmonella, urinary infections, typhoid, and sepsis too.  Their bodies and faces make allergies worse. They can be in cylinder shapes, black and brown too.

The crazy part is that areas of not perfect hygiene have their emerging feces on surfaces for up to few years. So, such areas must be clean spotless.



These products we find in stores can harm both humans and pets.  The insects, on the other hand, have become more resistant to such chemicals and survive more. Also, they know how to avoid traps.

So, cockroaches go for warmth, moisture, and foods. So you can easily find them in such places in the home.

To avoid them you must have a perfectly clean house. They also crawl in holes from one flat to another.  These are some of the solutions:

  1. Borax balls– the recipe is at You need boric acid powder that is safe for us and pets too, but awful for insects. It will damage their bones, make it dehydrated and poison it In the end. It works in 24 to 72 hours. The process lasts 3-4 weeks.


  • Raw yolk
  • 50 g boric acid powder
  • Latex gloves


Mix the yolk and the powder and put the gloves on. Make little balls of this mix of 1 cm. after they are dry, after an hour, use them.

For them to work properly, you need other advices too. You can see other tips on First, keep food away. Clean spaces off food. Then also clean all water pipes in the flat. No leakages. Have good isolation in the home too.


Be practical and creative now. Put them on appealing places. Where would this insect go? There is one tip at on how to catch them. Keep lights off in a room. Then turn lights off and quietly enter. They must be fast now right? See where they go and place the borax there. Also, they can leave smell behind them , so use it as a guide.

They wanted water and food right? Well, try to catch them 5 feet from such sources. Kitchen, furniture, walls, doors. Also near stove, fridge…

Other rooms are basements, electronic rooms, drains, bathrooms, cupboards.


See if there are any cracks in walls and holes. Put silicone on them. Also check the closets. When you bring home groceries and laundry, see well inside the bags.


Yes, disinfect the walls too. Mix baking soda and soap water. Wear gloves for this and use microfiber cloth for cleaning to wipe off the walls. Also, after this clean and wash the cloth too. Wipe the walls again with another clean cloth.


If you are persistent, the problem will be gone. Do this right away if you see these little buggers and keep the house healthy and clean. Straight to the kitchen.