Do You Know Which Banana Is the Healthiest Of These Seven?


One of the healthiest fruits you can consume is a banana. Bananas are a great source of many nutrients, which can benefit your health on different levels. This fruit grows in tropical areas and it is known for its sweet and delicious taste. However, some bananas are green and others are ripe. So, in order to maximize its benefits and get most of its nutrients, it is important to know which banana to choose. Don’t be surprised to learn that the healthiest type of banana is the ripe one.

Therefore, always choose bananas which have dark spots. In fact, that the riper the banana, the better benefits and anti-cancer qualities it possesses. Moreover, ripe bananas are rich in minerals, vitamins, and enzymes, which promote the digestion. Ripe bananas boost the immune system and it has a greater level of antioxidants than a green banana.

Ripe Bananas and Cancer

According to a Japanese scientific research, banana contains a substance called TNF, or Tumor Necrosis Factor. This substance has the power to fight abnormal cells. Hence, this anticancer property increases as the banana ripen. TNF is a cytokine, discharged by specific cells in the immune system of the body and can influence different cells. This property is very efficient for the battle of anomalous cells.

The TNF levels are the highest when bananas develop spots on the skin. This anticancer substance can also improve the overall health and strengthen the immune system. Furthermore, ripe bananas stimulate the production of white blood cells. Thus, consuming only one banana per day can protect your body against flu, cold and other viruses and infections.

Make sure you don’t consume bananas which are completely brown or with partly open skin. Moreover, if you suffer from diabetes, eat a ripe banana with nut butter. Nut butter contains fats which slow down sugar absorption in the blood stream. As a result, your body will break it down easily.