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You Know That Onions Are Good For You, But No One Ever Told You This

Onions are one of the most powerful vegetables and definitely one of the best natural remedies for numerous ailments. The vegetable can treat different diseases and conditions – they are a great natural antibiotic and can also help people stop vomiting.

Just like garlic, onions belong to the Allium family and are rich in sulfur, to which they owe their antiseptic and antibiotic properties. The vegetable is also rich in antioxidants such as quercetin which have the ability to fight free radicals in the body. Onion juice has been used as a remedy for respiratory problems for a long time, and onions have been also used to treat inflammatory conditions and cardiovascular diseases as well. The vegetable is ideal for diabetics due to the presence of flavonoids and sulfur. Here’s what onions can help you treat.


Peel an onion and cut it in half, then put a tablespoon of brown sugar on each half and eat them after an hour. Repeat the process twice a day to relieve coughs.


Cherokee Indians have used onions against colic for a very long time. Just boil a small yellow onion, then leave it to cool down and squeeze it through a cloth. Give a tablespoon of the juice to your baby every hour until the problem goes away.

Ear infections and pain

Chop one medium-sized onion and put it in a sock and tie it, then put the sock over the affected ear and hold it until the pain goes away.

Chest congestion

Put a whole onion in coconut oil and crush it, then apply the resulting paste on your chest to relieve the congestion.


The transparent film that covers onions can be used to cover cuts and disinfect the wound.

Purifies the air

Put a cut onion in different parts of your home to kill bacteria and airborne viruses in the air.


Squeeze one onion, then make a cup of peppermint tea and leave it to cool down. Now, drink 2 teaspoons of onion juice, then wait for 5 minutes before drinking 2 teaspoons of the tea. Wait for another 5 minutes and take 2 teaspoons of the onion juice again, then repeat the process until you feel relief.


Cut a medium-sized onion into thin pieces, then massage your soles with coconut oil and put a thin slice of the onion on them. Put on your socks next and go to bed. This amazing remedy will reduce your fever quickly and detoxify the body of toxins.

Besides these uses, onions can also relieve the irritation from insect bites and stings and prevent freckles when rubbed directly on the skin. Rubbing iron surfaces with a cut onion will prevent rust, while a piece of onion can also clean glass and copperware. Onion juice can boost your hair growth and prevent your clothing from moths. Spray the juice around your plants in the winter to protect them from different pests.

Finally, the vegetable has been used as a natural remedy for flu and colds for centuries, and even the WHO has recommended it against these infections. This is why onions should become a part of your daily diet.