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Lara Dutta’s Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Secret

Secret 1 – Make getting fit a priority

All this start when you get your pregnancy news, you have to be careful from the beginning if you want your perfect body shape soon after delivery. Unlike many women who stop working out when they get the good news about pregnancy, Lara Dutta continued to exercise. She consulted her doctor and engaged in exercises that were safe for her and the baby. She vouches for yoga and continued with it throughout her pregnancy. She started doing light exercises eight weeks after her pregnancy. Once she had her baby, Lara Dutta resumed her post-pregnancy weight loss regime after about three months. She made it a point to work out five days a week with each session extending to about one and a half hours.

Secret 2 – Work out regularly

One of the most important post-pregnancy weight loss tips by Lara Dutta is to work out regularly. She has a regimen chalked out that she follows diligently. She’s a staunch believer in the advantages of yoga and practices it for an hour every day. She also engages in cardio and weight training exercises. She confesses her love for swimming and includes it in her workout program. If you can, join a community club that has a pool and uses it to your advantage.

Secret 3 – Eat healthily and in small portions

Being a staunch PETA supporter and vegetarian, Lara Dutta’s weight loss diet plan consists of plenty of fruits and veggies. She’s extremely particular about the portions she eats and consumes five small meals in a day instead of three large ones. She considers breakfast to be the most important meal and has a sumptuous one that comprises of porridge, raw fruits, eggs and fresh fruit juice. Three chappatis, vegetables and salads are what makes up her lunch. She prefers to have a light dinner, and snacks on fruits and nuts. She also avoids caffeinated drinks.

Secret 4 – It’s okay to indulge yourself–in moderation!

The former beauty queen agrees that it’s perfectly fine to indulge your cravings once in a while and this is something we can totally agree with! She also confesses to having cheated on her diet plans occasionally. She does stress, however, that over-indulgence is a no-no as it can ruin your entire fitness plan and only lead to unwanted weight gain.
Lara Dutta’s fitness routine, especially the one she followed post-pregnancy, is one that everyone can get on board with. It’s not radical, but it’s one that’s been tried and tested before. Eat right, treat yourself in moderation and make exercising a near-daily affair. Remember, there’s no gain without pain, ladies, so ditch those excuses and get in shape!