Makes it convenient and easy stool of empty bottles

Plastic kills nature, so it simply must be disposed of. But, unfortunately, not all countries have established a system of return plastic bottles. How, for example, in Germany, where the customer pays not only for the liquid but also for containers, which can then return back to any store.

If you do not want the plastic bottles were in a landfill, and for many years have poisoned our land, they should be used. And then a great many options. Just look at what it came up with the hostess: she made a charming stool of empty plastic bottles.


  • identical plastic bottles (the number depends on the diameter of the stool)
  • zol etna
  • plywood
  • polyester wadding
  • fabric for upholstery
  • for lining cloth

First mistress collected in the “Flower” seven bottles and secure with tape.


Then she was surrounded by “flower” another layer of bottles and tighten down again. For a small stool, that is enough.


Circle of plywood, which will serve as the basis for the seat must be 2-3 cm wider than the diameter of the bottles.


With Electro crew she cemented a piece of plywood on top and one underneath. 


“Beam” bottle she wrapped polyester layer. It can be attached to the plywood using a staple gun.


On top she put the wadding material, to make the seat softer.



It remains only to sew a cover from a fabric to choose from.


The lining will make it soft.


Now we put on a stool …


And secured from below using a staple gun. Alternatively, you can make a case with an elastic band or Tes Moch KE that it does not slip from the pouf, but if desired, can be easily removed.


This hostess has covered the bottom of the down of the same cloth so that it looks perfect from all sides. Done!


Beautiful and environmentally friendly.


More videos will show the whole process:

Brilliant, is not it? Plastic bottles are indispensable in the household, but sometimes they accumulate too much. And so you will be able to make their own, albeit small, contribution to the fight for the health of our planet.

Worth a try!

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