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Natural Remedies For Sunburns

We should always avoid sunburn even if, on some occasions, the energy of this comes suddenly. Redness, irritation, peeling, pain, swelling, unsightly blisters, and sunburn may last 3 to 7 days and are extremely annoying. Sunburns are, in fact, acute inflammations of skin cells, caused by the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Many people are unaware that chemicals that get on the skin can cause inflammation once it is exposed to the sun. When we are in the presence of sunburn, nature offers us refreshing and balsamic remedies to remove the burning and itching.Natural remedies for sunburn:

My favorite natural remedies to alleviate sunburn are:

Gel or Aloe Vera cream.

It is one of the best and quickest ways to treat mild sunburns. This African plant has a huge anti-inflammatory effect on the burns. Aloe vera also helps to heal wounds and avoid scars. Rub the natural gel (available at many health food stores, or better yet, buy an aloe plant for your home) at the site of the burn and do not remove it from the skin. Apply again as needed. A Note: Aloe vera juice also has many health benefits when ingested.

Coconut oil.

A refreshing oil that relieves burns; Rub the coconut oil into the affected part.

Taking a warm bath or using cold compresses helps keep the burn moist and fresh. DO NOT use hot water as this would further injure already damaged skin oils.

Ozonized olive oil.

Carefully rub the ozonated olive oil paste into the sunburned area and allow it to stand. This will help the area heal without blistering and/or peeling.

Increase water consumption.

A sunburn dehydrates the inside of the body because our natural healing mechanism tries to moisten the burned area. Stay hydrated to avoid headaches and fatigue that can bring sunburns.

Saffron and sandalwood paste.

An ancient Ayurvedic remedy: these herbs have a refreshing effect on the skin. Mix equal amounts of these two herbs with a little cold water, apply it to the sunburned area and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes.


White vinegar is known to relieve pain caused by sunburn when applied to the skin. Apply to skin with compressed. To do this, use a small towel soaked in a mixture of water and vinegar. I would NOT recommend using apple cider vinegar instead of white vinegar.

Swallow more Sunflower seeds.

Studies show that increasing food intake with vitamin E may help decrease the inflammation of a sunburn.

Sunflower seeds like many other seeds contain vitamin E. Other foods high in vitamin E are a wheat germ, soybean oil and many of the raw nuts. You can also rub vitamin E in the burn to cool that area.

Use Essential Oils Refreshing.

You can relieve the burn by immediately wetting a towel in water with a few drops of refreshing essential oils. Among the oils that reduce burns and inflammation are lavender, sandalwood, camomile, eucalyptus, rosehip, and Alderney.

These oils can also be added to warm baths.

Fresh air.

Enjoy the light of the moon! Burns heal faster in the fresh air than when blindfolded; Bandages can cause the burn to retain more heat.

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