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Pony in this fabulous island more than people

If you are tired of all (and especially from people) and if you desperately need a little magic in your life, we have to have an idea: go to the Fula island – cute little pony in this picturesque place more than people. On the island of Thule has lived only 30 people, but for its meadows roam hundreds of small horses.



Fula – one of the Shetland Islands, situated at the border of the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean to the north-east of Scotland.


Pony live here ever since the Bronze Age. It is here that there was a Shetland pony breed is known all over the world.


At the pony of this breed thick coat, short and powerful legs. They are considered quite intelligent animals. Some even manage to train Shetland Pony as a guide.


Before thinking to see this beauty with your own eyes, you need to know that before the Fula island can only be reached by ferry or plane, but flights there are not every day.


However, as you can see from the photos, long road is worth it: a combination of wild beauty, atmosphere ‘edge of the world “and the nicest little horses can be found in few places in the world.


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