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Previously, I did not pay attention to this symbol. Now I will search for it on the packaging!

How often do we pay attention to the packaging of products in supermarkets? Usually, we read only the product name and did not pay attention to the composition, and especially never peer into special characters. And in vain!

It turns out that on the labels there are many different characters, which are designed to make life easier for the customer. Today we will tell you that is a symbol in the form of the Latin letter U in a circle.


This symbol is called a sign eh Shera (or sign Ek Shera). This symbol on the packaging, guarantees of kosher products. In order to obtain the right to label their products with this symbol, companies are very strict test.


Sign eh Shera shows that all equipment in the production is thoroughly cleaned. Even if the same machine employed for the production of several different products, they are thoroughly washed between treatments.


The first sign eh Shera should help those people who are fed exclusively kosher food. But even if you did not think to follow the laws of kashrut, the symbols on the labels to help you understand at a glance what is hidden under the label.


This is what meant the most common designations:

OU – does not contain meat or milk, “neutral” product.
OU-D – contains milk.
OU-M (OU-Glatt) – contain meat or meat ingredients.
OU-F – contains fish ingredients.


This information is useful to people with allergies, vegetarians and all those who are closely monitoring their diet. Tell me about the legend to your friends, they also can be useful this knowledge.

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