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During puberty, the boy grew up a long tail

Puberty strongly changes our body: we grow hair, breasts in girls increases, our bones, the skin, the muscles are prepared for adult life. But what happened to the body of a 14-year-old boy from India, stumped scientists around the world. With these changes in the body people, the face is very rare.


When the boy started puberty, it started to grow … a tail like a cat. Doctors puzzled over this anomaly, it is believed that the tail itself is not dangerous, but still advised to cut it. Now the tail more than 20 centimeters in length – the longest human tail, known to science today.


Let the tail does not threaten the health of the boy, but it causes inconvenience. In addition, if for him to know outsiders, such as classmates, a boy, most likely, will have hard times.Therefore, the family asked doctors and journalists not to name names and thinking about how to get rid of the tail as soon as possible.

But while the tail in place, doctors continue to conduct research and to puzzle over mystery why he grew up right now.


Cases where a person is born with a tail, have been known for a long time. In this case, a strange anomaly slumbered for years and manifest only at the time of maturity.


Speaking of the caudate, another winner of the tail, a 13-year-old Indian boy named Malachi does not hide any name or face. In his native village, Maladzhi believes superman – worship him, and bring gifts.


If you think about the transformation of a child into an adult – it is extremely difficult, even mysterious process that we are still unable to fully understand. Without a doubt, our body still harbors many secrets …

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