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She Put A Ball Of Aluminum Foil In Her Dryer Machine. Only A Few People Know This Awesome Trick…(VIDEO)

Nobody likes static electricity. I am a person that dependably gets stunned, and hurts every time. Fabric softeners and dryer sheets will fix the problem, but they can be expensive, and I’m not usually a fan of the scents they contain.

Dryer sheets cannot just clog your lint filter channel without your insight; they are additionally a main source of indoor air contamination.


“A single fragrance in a product can contain a mixture of hundreds of chemicals, some of which (e.g., limonene, a citrus scent) react with ozone in the ambient air to form dangerous secondary pollutants, including formaldehyde.”

One approach to evaluating a segment of this issue is to dispose of cleansing agents, yet this takes us back to the entire static stick issue that accompanies dryers and clothes.

This can all be fixed by throwing a couple balls of aluminum foil in the dryer.

Check it out!

At first, I was skeptical for this trick, but I wanted to try.  Now I constantly use this trick, and it works perfectly for me.

Why do not you try it!