It saved his life – he cured cancer at stage 4! Being healthy is easy – just enough to want!

The incredible story of healing!


Doctors told Danny MacDonald, who lives in Ireland, he is sick with stomach cancer, and probably would not live more than 3 months …

He decided to ignore their advice and refused treatment with chemotherapy and began to save his life by natural, natural remedies.

Four years later, Danny feels great, thanks to the fact that it includes every day to your diet this healing drink!

Take care of yourself, use natural products!



Danny learned about his condition during acute ulcer, after he was taken to the hospital, where doctors struggled to stop the bleeding, and thus found that Danny actually has a severe form of cancer in the terminal stage and cancer has metastasized throughout the body.

They warned him that the only way to be saved from cancer to begin urgent chemotherapy and radiation.

Unlike most people, Danny decided to explore other treatments. Later, he told his doctors that he decided to home treatment, which includes wheat germ and the juice from the stalks of the plant.

As he cured his cancer?

“I stopped using the pill and from that day until now I do not take any tablets. A month later, the pain was gone and I knew I was on the road to recovery. the wheat treatment worked for me. I made the right decision to abandon the treatment of chemotherapy and radiation. “- Said, Danny.


I started out with 28 ml of wheat juice per day. Danny successfully beat cancer, and his case is living proof of the regenerative power of young wheat sprouts.

This is a young green wheat, I cut her when she was 15 to 20 cm in height, in order to make optimal use of its drugs.

When growing in good conditions, young wheat contains from 82 to 92 minerals present in the soil, and it is assumed that one teaspoon young wheat powder (3 g) comprises the same number as 450 grams of organic fruits and vegetables.

Treatment begins with 3 grams of powder in the young wheat day and then gradually increase the dose of 6 grams per day.

When wheat is assembled, it must be dried and finally milled to give a powder. It should be dissolved in warm water and drink. The water should be hot, because if it is hot, some of the nutrients may be destroyed.

You can also use fresh juice of young green wheat.

Modern research has shown that the juice of wheat grass – just a unique natural source of health.


There are proteins, carbohydrates, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, vanadium, etc., plus all known vitamins, and in large quantities.

For example, vitamin C is seven times greater than oranges, five times more iron than spinach, ten – of calcium and protein than milk. In addition, the juice of sprouts rich in enzymes, amino acids, and has a full set of proteins. But it is important not only that.

Wheatgrass juice contains a truly priceless substance as chlorophyll .