Scientists Discover That This Causes Breast Cancer And We Take It Every Day


The risk of developing breast cancer is three times higher to the people that consumed three cups of milk than the ones that had only one cup or less on a daily basis. This is according to a scientific research that took place in Norway.

Breast cancer is one of the lots of present cancer-types all over the world and it is obvious that milk is one of the things that we can blame for that. What is even more interesting here is that in the states that people are consuming milk the most like United States, Finland, Canada and Great Britain have the highest number of people dealing with breast cancer.

According to the same study that was performed in Norway, it was discovered that in the areas or states that the consumption of milk is on a really low level there is almost no case of breast cancer.

According to the researchers, the milk has a great carcinogenic potential in the hormones and components of development. This is also the same to the supplements of vitamin D that are actually improving the milk and the milk products periodically.

Women that had experience with the breast cancer consumed twice more of vitamin D compared to the ones that never had breast cancer. These were the results from the study.

What else is increasing the risk of breast cancer is consuming big amounts of processed foods, pasta, pork and sugar while the consumption of fish and vegetables is low.

On the other hand, bras can also be a major cause of breast cancer. The women who often wear a support for more than 12 hours have a higher risk of developing breast cancer compared to the women who only wear it occasionally or never use it, especially the types of bra with metal support.