Smooth as silk: afghan hound, became a star of the Internet

She has the style and grace. She – Afghan hound dog breed, which has probably more subscribers in social networks than those of ordinary mortals. And, looking at the five-year T, one understands why her picture became an Internet sensation and spawned numerous memes.

the dog owner, Luke Cavanagh of Oyster Bay, USA, said that the whole family is enthusiastically watching the ascent of pi tom itsy to glory. “We have always believed that it is too beautiful to hide it at home,” – he says.



At Ty, she had a successful career as a show dog, but since the formal “retirement” of its popularity is growing. This photo Tee shared more than a million times, and various websites, blogs and Twitter pages use this image.


Kavanagh family was discouraged so popular is this picture. Luke believes that there is nothing special.


“I just took it one day after bathing. I think Ty attracted an audience by silky wool combined with a haughty air, which she likes to take, but it’s just a T in his usual manner. I constantly come across this picture on Facebook and the Instagram, people pointed me in the post or send me a message saying, “Look, your picture again stole” or “someone is using your photos to sell their products,” “, – says the owner of the dog.


By Luke Cavanagh even approached a few companies with a proposal to use T to represent the product, and the dog began the second round of career, this time – as an actor animal.


Tee has appeared in online campaigns and television commercials dog spirits Harriot and Hounds, as well as a “muzzle” premium pet food Royal Canin. According to the dog’s owner, additional income was a pleasant surprise, but it is not enough that he could no longer work at all. He added that now the dog is resting on the exhibition activities, and they do not plan in the near future to conquer Hollywood.


Luke Kavanagh continues to participate in dog shows with his other pets – Staffordshire Terrier.

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