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It takes only a stick cotton wool soaked in alcohol, in the belly! Will leave coughs, colds, menstrual pain …

Self-medication is certainly a short-sighted exercise. If there is a serious problem that must be overcome laziness and fear and determination to go to a good doctor! But … we rarely do so, because the sick and often do not pay enough attention to health.

Traditional methods of treating pain help no worse than traditional ones. The method, which you will find out today, is not a complete cure but operates at 100%.

It will help to remove unpleasant painful symptoms and endure a moment of crisis. Remember, even if the acute pain is gone after the application of the special funds, consult a professional yet not hurt!


inflammation Treatment folk remedies

To get rid of the inflammation and relieve the pain, you need only to put cotton wool soaked in alcohol, in the belly! It is best to use a 50% alcohol.


It seems like this is possible? What can help ordinary prospirtovannaya fleece? However, this agent is effective for menstrual pain, when pulling abdominal pain, colds, cough, and flu. Also, the folk method gets rid of cramps and muscle pain, relieve inflammation in the body.


If you realize that health is something wrong, you start coughing, it seems that the temperature rises – to apply this ancient remedy. Just moisten the cotton in alcohol, remove the excess and place inside the navel. Vata should fit snugly to the skin.

Of course, there are other popular treatments for a cough, more familiar. For example, milk caramel or honey. The method with wool is interesting because it removes any inflammation and relaxes the muscles when you cough it is also extremely useful.

To enhance the effect of the treatment can be placed on top of the navel a bit of food film or gauze. When menstrual pain is useful even a little pressure on the abdomen at the navel, after putting his back with an alcohol cotton wool.


When the pain subsides and comes relief, I want to sing so well. This intake of alcohol is always effective! Show our article to your friends, tell them the recipe simple analgesic, known since ancient times. And let all be healthy.