If you were told that your life depends on the animal, then you would be able to find it on this picture?


Check your vigilance. This photo was taken in the national park in South Africa, where the antelope simply merged with the terrain. Can you find it? Good luck! It is useful to you exactly.

Look very carefully, do not try to find a large antelope. In this photo from your eyes hid a small antelope, with a gray stripe on the back.

It is located in the upper part of the photo in the middle. Look closely and you’ll see it. This parody of antelope in Africa called the “Alpine jumper.” This is an appropriate nickname for the horses, which live in mountainous areas, but not for our little friend who lives in South Africa.

When we wanted to learn more about these mini antelopes, we came across a lot of facts. Here are some of them:

These mini-antelopes live in the Eastern and Southern Africa

This species is unique and was discovered in 1783 by the Austrian zoologist August von Zimmermann.

Its growth from 46 to 60 cm and weighs about 8-18 kg.

This mini-antelope has a special wool coating that thanks to its color scheme very simple animal hides from predators.

In males have horns, which are pointed, but thick, as well as in 9 cm long.

They are monogamous. Living mainly in rocky areas that are not rich in vegetation. Their main habitats are Sudan, Eritrea, Somalia, Angola, Namibia.

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) classifies this mini-antelope not as endangered. Their appearance is protected, because their habitat is not available for hunting.


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