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Top 6 Amazing Uses Of Vitamin E capsules For Skin And Hair, 5 Is Awesome 23 Shares


We all want to have beautiful skin and hair, so we tend to use many store bought products in order to achieve that. Sadly, most of them contain chemicals which cause more damage than good to both our skin and hair. This is why you should definitely use vitamin E capsules which are available in the medical shops. In order to enhance the beauty of your skin and hair, you should follow these 6 ways of using vitamin E capsules.

  • Dark circles

In a container, pout 1 teaspoon of almond oil, but you can also replace it with coconut oil. After that, add 2 capsules of vitamin E and mix the ingredients well. Apply this solution under the eye area prior bedtime. This solution will help you get rid of dark circles and wrinkles under your eyes.

  • Wrinkles on your fingers

In a small bowl, add some milk cream and oil from 1 vitamin E capsule. Mix the ingredients well. Once prepared, apply the mixture on your hands and feet in order to make them soft and smooth. In order to remove wrinkles from your fingers, you should massage your hands gently with this natural solution. after application, allow it to act for 20 minutes and then wash your hands with lukewarm water.

  • Split ends

In order to improve the split ends of your hair, you need to prepare a mixture with half a teaspoon castor oil and oil from one vitamin E capsule. After that, just apply it on your split ends. This mixture will repair the damaged follicles since vitamin E has anti-oxidant properties.

  • Scars and damaged skin

In a small container, mix some of your favorite moisturizer and oil from one vitamin E capsule. In the evening, before going to bed, apply the solution on your face. This combination will help you fade the scars, accelerate the healing of damaged skin as well as prevent scars from becoming permanent. Moreover, it also moisturizes your skin and helps repair damaged tissue.

  • For chapped lips

In a small container, put a half a teaspoon of honey. After that, poke a small hole in a capsule with a needle and squeeze the whole oil in the container. Mix both ingredients well. Once done, apply the mixture to your chapped lips and this will help you hydrate them as well as make them soft and smooth. Just make sure to apply it prior to bedtime.

  • Cracked heels

Prepare a mixture with some petroleum jelly and oil from one E capsule. In the evening, before bedtime, apply this solution on your cracked heels. The next morning, you will have soft and smooth skin.

Watch the video below for more uses: