Topher and Rosenberg: Man and his dog, very similar to each other

The inextricable link between human and animal is so strong that they even begin to look the same.When Topher Brophy met charming ASI dud ya (a cross between an Australian Shepherd and Poodle) Rosenberg, they quickly became close friends.


According to Topher, “Rosenberg has a temperament, which I have not seen any other dog. He almost regal sense of tranquility, confidence, and inner wisdom. “


Besides Brophy and Rosenberg looks strange alike.


To further emphasize the resemblance of eye color, long curls, and unruly beards, Topher and Rosenberg decided to wear the same outfits.


Their selection ranges from the usual casual clothes, like plaid shirts and jackets to more playful costumes, such as the hippie outfits, sailors, and cowboys.


Topher miracle Rosenberg can not find the exact same clothes as him, only much smaller.


And when it comes to posting, the two friends are on the same wavelength – their facial expressions strikingly correspond to each other.


“We are so much alike physically and doing everything together, dress the same way it seems to us a natural pastime.”


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