Health Recipe


Products for cleaning that you can buy in every store contain many harsh chemicals that can seriously affect human health. So, the best option is to choose natural cleaning methods that use ingredients which don’t put your or someone else health at risk.

This cleaning method consists of two ingredients that are both safe and easily available:

½ cup vinegar,

¾ cup baking soda,

10 drops of orange & lemongrass essential oils for smell (optional).


Mix all the ingredients in a plastic bowl. Don’t be surprised if it fizzes a bit.

Pour the mixture into the toilet bowl distributing it evenly. Leave it to act for a few minutes.

Flush the toilet and the stains will all be gone. If you used some essential oil, your toilet will also smell great.

Why is this mixture of vinegar and baking soda good?

The benefits the vinegar and baking soda are widely known and used.

Vinegar is a powerful antiseptic due to the acetic acid it contains. Plus, vinegar is an efficient odor – absorbent, which kills odors instead of masking them. Although it has a pungent smell, it disappears in about 20 minutes and once it’s gone, it leaves your bathroom smelling clean.

On the other hand, sodium bicarbonate or baking soda is a base, and all bases are efficient cleaners, baking soda in particular. It’s been commonly used as an air freshener, antacid, carpet cleaner, toothpaste, and more.

So, while vinegar has disinfectant properties, baking soda provides great shine to the toilet bowl. When these two ingredients are mixed, it is logical that the cleaning results will be much better than when the two are used separately.

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