In the United States successfully shared-janiceps twins

The Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, USA, has successfully divided a pair of twins, who were born with fused heads.




Now the 13-month D Haydon (left) and Anita (right) MacDonalds recovering extremely dangerous for the life of the operation, which lasted more than 20 hours.


In the middle of the operation experienced neurosurgeon, James Goodrich even considered the possibility of a complete cessation of the procedure, because it turned out that the boy’s much more common brain tissue than expected.


This is despite the pre-computerized 3D-modeling operations.


With each cut blood pressure and heart rate Ananias dropped sharply. However, in the end, the doctor found a way out from this situation and continued operation for the separation of children.


Separation means that one or both of the twins may have complications. In this case, it is clear that Ananias likely to suffer more severely disabled than his brother.


The boys were born by Caesarean section last September near Chicago, Illinois. Their parents – 31-year-old Nicole and 37-year-old Christian.


Technically Anita and Jason – twin janiceps.


This phenomenon, which occurs only once in every 2.5 million births.


About 40% of twins-janiceps – stillborn. Of those who survive – one in three dies within 24 hours after birth. And 80% of the survivors of the die before the age of two years, if they do not share.


The cost of the operation amounted to 2.5 million. Dollars, much of which is covered by medical insurance family. The missing funds were collected by parents GoFundMe site.


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