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The most visited church in Finland


This building you can not see from afar. It is hidden in the middle of an ordinary residential area of the capital. But the panoramic view on top of the temple terrific and recalls a scene from the film by Steven Spielberg.


Carved into the rock church Temppeliaukio is located in the center of Helsinki, close to the street Fredrikinkatu. Due to the unique architectural design, the church built in 1969 is considered one of the main attractions of the Finnish capital. church hall dome lies on the rock walled concrete, on top of the dome covered with copper plates. The interior walls are rough rocks and laying off large boulders. In the morning, the sun’s rays penetrate the window and spiral illuminate space behind the altar, turning the rock crevice glacial period in the original altarpiece.


Located on the street Fredrikinkatu rocky land was allotted for the construction of the temple in 1906, when the first built-up area of Arcadia plan, now this-Töölö was approved. In 1931, the church council to apply for the city area, called Temppeliaukio (Temple Square), for the construction of the main church itself this parish-Töölö.


The architectural competition for the construction of the new church was held in 1932. Dissatisfied with the results of the jury announced a new contest in 1936. Implement the project of Professor Johan Sigfried Siren, who took third place in the competition prevented started in 1939 war. After the war, he has held another contest, which in 1961 won the brother’s architects Timo and Tuomo Suomalainen. In their eyes, the rock was to remain intact, and the church hall should be placed inside the rock surrounding it with other community facilities.


Public opinion quite strongly opposed the plan. The project is called the newspaper articles of the rock mosque, a church and even a millionth of a bunker to protect against the devil. Many people do not like to see the construction of avant-garde and traditional temple.Activists of the Christian Association of students who considered the construction of the church in the then international situation immoral affair, in July 1968, expressed their protest by writing to the details of construction of concrete 11 times the word Biafra. The first graffiti in Finland became a requirement to list going to build a church money for victims of the famine that engulfed the people of Nigeria after the civil war in Biafra. Labeled an expensive and ambitious project, the construction of the temple there were, after all, in a reasonable amount – four million marks.


Church Tayvallahti (Taivallahden kick ko) opened its doors in September 1969. In 1971, its name was officially changed to church Temppeliaukio (Temppeliaukion kick ko). Already in the autumn of the same number of church visitors exceeded 100,000, and during church services regularly filled the hall. The following year, the number of visitors was more than half a million people. The temple became a center of attraction for foreign tourists and the main architectural landmark Helsinki. The new church was represented by more than two hundred of architectural magazines and most prestigious museums in the world, and was the only structure referred to in the Italian book series about the world’s attractions «I Cento Monumenti».


The carved into the rock church hall Visitors enter from the street level. Elliptical church hall bathed in the waves of light pouring from the windows of the strip between the rock wall and a copper dome. Dome support reinforced concrete beams of various lengths. The dome and the gallery are covered with copper plates nepatinirovannymi. The floor is made of polished concrete, the chair and the base of the gallery – of reinforced concrete. Oozing from the rock fracture water is drained through special channels. The height of the walls is 5-9 meters. The diameter of the dome – 24 meters, the distance from the top of the dome to the floor – 13 meters. Altarpiece is a rock crevice glacial period. The altar table is made of polished granite.


The interior is designed by architects brothers repeated the most common shades of stone Finland – granite: red, bluish-red and gray.The benches are made of birch. Crucifix, candlesticks, and Hot forged artist Kazuko Moisio. The church textiles designed by textile artist Tellervo Strёmmer. The organ was made at the organ factory Veikko Virtanen, it registers 43. Exterior body designed by the architects of the church.


Temppeliaukio Church is a popular venue for concerts and weddings. For the choir is built step podium, the orchestra is typically located on the floor. Church in the rock is not equipped with bells. Composed Professor Tanel Kuusisto bell music broadcast through hosted in the outer rock wall speakers.

Surrounding the church wall built of large stones, connected with each other steel ties. The Rock Landscape design designed by the architect Erik Sommersshildom.


Church in the rock famous for its unique acoustics. The very famous musician Mstislav Rostropovich was considered that there is the best acoustics in the world.

Because of its acoustics, the church often hosts concerts of organ and classical music. And sometimes – even concerts metal bands.Apparently, thus clergymen trying to attach to the young people religion. After all, the temple is not fulfilled the usual songs and fragments of the Lutheran liturgy. At most performances, you can get for free.

The church and associated community facilities used by the arrival of Finnish-speaking Töölö.

In 2004 the church was put under protection and declared a monument of architecture.


Address: Lutherinkatu 3.

Opening hours: Mon and Wed 10: 00-17: 00; Tue 10: 00-12: 45 and 14: 15-17: 00; Thu-pee 10: 00-20: 00; Sat 10: 00-18: 00, Sun 11: 45-13: 45 and 15: 30-18: 00.

Helsinki, Finland. The Church in the rock

Interior of the Temppeliaukio Church (Church in the Rock) in Helsinki, Finland







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