If You Do This, You Will Never Get Another Bite From A Mosquito Again!

Bites of mosquitoes, accompanied by itching and redness, are not only unpleasant but also dangerous. There are several simple and natural ways to prevent them, instead of buying expensive repellents.

Drink vitamin B1.

With this vitamin, the skin gives us a specific odor that we do not feel, but it repels the mosquitoes.

Consumption of garlic has the same effect, but with the difference, that its smell is also felt by people. If this does not bother you, you can protect yourself by eating more garlic.

Wear bright clothes.

Mosquitoes are attracted by dark and bright colors, so try to avoid them when you go outdoors. Choose a bright garment that covers most of your body. Strong perfumes and deodorants, as well as the smell of sweat, also attract these insects. So keep your skin clean, and not artificially flavored.

Use natural oil or a spice from a plant that repels mosquitoes. Such as rosemary, valerian, marigold, basil, mint, sage, thyme, mint, lavender, eucalyptus or tea tree. They are the best natural mosquito repellents.